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List of Best Insurance in Indonesia

List of the best insurance in Indonesia. What's the list? Read more on this page.

The issue of insurance is indeed a conversation even among scholars. Some are prohibitive, but some are justifying. Through an in-depth study, based on ijtihad from Islamic economic observers, the concept of ta'awuni insurance (cooperation) emerged which became a reference for Sharia insurance in the world. The concept of ta'awuni insurance is a recommendation of the Fatwa of the Islamic Economic Congress which first convened in 1976 AD in Mecca, then strengthened again in the majma' Fiqh Islami ' Alami (World Fiqh Institute) session in Jeddah, which decided on the ban on business (commercial) type insurance. Majma' fiqih also ijma' requires the operation of a cooperation type insurance business (ta'awuni) as an alternative to replace conventional types of insurance and calls on the world's Muslims to use ta'awuni insurance.

Following up on the fatwa and to meet the needs of the ummah for insurance based on Islamic law, in the 70s in some Islamic countries or in muslim-majority countries, insurance emerged whose operational principles refer to Islamic values and avoid the elements that islam forbids (gharar, maisir, and riba). In Indonesia takaful insurance only appeared in 1994.

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Here are some of the best insurance companies based on our reviews.

1. Allianz Syariah

It has a fairly wide scope of insurance coverage. Consists of health insurance (Allisya care), life insurance, to home and car insurance. With cashless (card) and reimbursement systems, as well as being backed by solid large companies, Allisya is a sensible choice.

2. Takaful Insurance

This insurance is one of the pioneers of Sharia insurance in Indonesia and became the first Sharia insurance in Indonesia. Takaful is an insurance company that purely only provides Sharia-based insurance services. The existence of a Sharia Supervisory Board that oversees the company's investment activities and its products is certainly a plus in itself.

3. PRUSyariah

Prusyariah is one of the insurance that has the most product derivatives. The advantage is Surplus Sharing, which is the division of excess funds and insurance profits. If the participant still has an active policy, and does not make a claim, then it is entitled to get 56% of the revenue share.

4. Manulife Sharia Insurance

Although not as good as the three names above, Manulife can be included in consideration. All Manulife health insurance has a cashless payment system using a card, or can double claim using a copy of the legalization receipt if the original receipt is used claims on non-manulife insurance.

5. AIA Sharia Insurance

There are 3 excellent products of AIA Syariah, namely Fortuna X-Tra Plus Syariah, Hassana Berkah, and Provisa Syariah. Each is a product that has been approved by the Sharia Supervisory Board (DPS) recommended by the National Sharia Council – The Indonesian Ulema Council.

Maybe there are still Sharia insurance that we have not mentioned in the list above. But, what must be considered in choosing Sharia insurance is to know the needs, see the existence of DPS (Sharia Supervisory Board) in the company because it can guarantee that all insurance products are managed in ways that are legalized by Shariah, see the clarity of insurance contracts, and study the illustrations provided.

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